Engineering Education Resources

Research Direction

E2I aims to facilitate the link between education research and practice, contributing to engineering education reform efforts in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Asia. The Center takes a scholarship approach to its work: the design and implementation of its programs are informed by research literature and the effectiveness of these programs is evaluated by in-house research. These programs are being carried out through various outreach projects, workshops, and publications.

Some of the Center’s research interests

Development of teamwork skills in the engineering curriculum

Investigate the systematic development of students’ teamwork skills through cooperative learning opportunities in engineering courses and laboratory work.

Assessment of the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP)

Investigate the effectiveness of the PMP in providing support and academic advising to students admitted through the School-based Admission Scheme.

Assessment of the SENG education reform

Evaluate how the adoption of new pedagogies or assessment approaches can support Hong Kong’s 334 reform, the transition to a six-year secondary school and a four-year university degree education system.

Outcome-based RPG Education

Examine research students' learning outcomes and their professional development experience in order to provide support for research supervision and RPG professional development.

A collection of teaching and learning materials developed by E2I and by other international engineering education centers can also be found in this section of the website.