Engineering Education Resources

Time Management

Top 10 effective time management strategies (Stanford University)
- Organizational and planning techniques for a successful study

Learning Styles

What’s your learning style? (North Caroline State University)
- A quiz from the Felder – Soloman website to identify your preferred study method

Making the most out of your learning style (North Caroline State University)
- Characteristics of four common learning styles and effective learning strategies for each preference

Critical Thinking

Visualize your learning (Cornell University)
- Steps for organizing large amounts of information into concept maps to help visualize the relationships between a topic

Critical Thinking in the Engineering Enterprise (National Society of Professional Engineers)
The article highlights 8 questions novice engineers should to consider when they analyse and evaluate their intellectual work


Active reading strategies (University of Cambridge)
- Descriptions of different reading techniques and general tips for reading effectively

Learning from textbooks (Cornell University)
- An effective system for reading and retaining information from textbooks

Note Taking

Meaningful note-taking (University of California, Berkeley)
- Techniques for improving note-taking in engineering lectures

Engineering Education

Teaching Engineering, Phillip C. Wankat & Frank S. Oreovicz, Purdue University, McGraw-Hill, November 1992
This book is available online and focuses on strategies for effective teaching in higher education. Topics include teaching problem solving and creative thinking, nontechnological teaching alternatives to lectures, learning strategies, and other issues relevant to engineering education.