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HKUST Summer Workshop on Engineering Education Innovation

The Center for Engineering Education Innovation (E2I) at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) will host a series of summer workshops in Hong Kong, with the first one held on 27-29 June 2012 in partnership with the Journal of Engineering Education. This workshop invited the participants from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and the U.S. and addressed three key topics in engineering education research: fundamental concepts, inquiry-based pedagogies, and assessment of student learning. Not only does this workshop bring together engineering educators in East and Southeast Asia, but it also established a platform for the participating institutions' long-term collaboration and continuous promotion and implementation of engineering education research/ innovation in Asia and even worldwide.


(From left to right)

Third row: Mr. Frankie LEUNG 1 Ms. Jessica CHENG 1 Prof. Youngtae LEE 2 Dr. Tsz Yeung WONG 3
Prof. Vincent NG 4 Dr. Chi Kin LEUNG 4 Prof. Soochan KIM 5 Prof. Joon-Oh JUNG 6
Prof. Hak il KIM 7 Prof. Ka-Veng YUEN 8 Mr. Jac LEUNG 1 Prof. Qiu-shi LI 9
Second row: Ms. Amy WONG 1 Ms. Susan LEONG 1 Ms. Lillian LUK 10 Prof. Kyungsun PARK 11
Dr. Mei-yung LEUNG 12 Dr. Syed Ahmad Helmi SYED HASSAN 13 Dr. Cecilia CHAN 10 Prof. Ting-ting ZHAO 9
Ms. Young-nam LEE 14 Dr. Tracy CHOW 1 Dr. Catherine ZHOU 1
First row: Prof. Khairiyah MOHD. YUSOF 13 Prof. Karl SMITH 15 Prof. Neil MICKLEBOROUGH 1 Prof. Jeffrey FROYD 16
Prof. Seh-Chun LIM 17 Prof. Sung Jin SONG 14

1 E2I, HKUST 2 Hanyang University 3 The Chinese University of Hong Kong
4 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 5 Hankyong National University 6 Hoseo University
7 Inha University 8 University of Macau 9 Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
10 The University of Hong Kong 11 Dankook University 12 City University of Hong Kong
13 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 14 Sungkyunkwan University 15 Purdue University
16 Texas A&M University 17 National University of Singapore    

Welcoming dinner:

Technical sessions:

Discussions and sharing: