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E2I Conversations on Engineering Learning and Teaching

Throughout the academic year E2I offers a series of conversations for the SENG faculty and guests to discuss issues on engineering education over lunch. The idea is to form a learning community for the SENG faculty to exchange views on a topic related to engineering learning and teaching in an informal and collegiate environment.

For further enquiries, please contact Prof. Neil MICKLEBOROUGH (email: ceneilm@ust.hk)

Conversations from Fall 2012

Research Postgraduate Education and Supervision

This lunch conversation was conducted to share with the faculty members the findings of two surveys on RPG education and supervision. Students’ feedback on seven research supervision aspects were reported: understanding, certainty, helping/ friendliness, patience, strictness, student responsibility/ freedom, and leadership.

Conversations from Spring 2012

Support for Faculty Advisors

After sharing by colleagues who advised SBA students last semester, the conversation will center on clarifying the roles and responsibilities of faculty advisors and identifying their training needs.

System-level Coordination

Students are unique individuals with advising needs that may vary over time. How can we ensure that the different advising personnel work effectively together to meet those needs? How would we know that the system as a whole is working well?

Facts and Myths about Academic Advising

An opportunity for Student-level Faculty Advisor (SFA) to interact with other SFAs and learn more their roles and responsibilities.

Conversations from Fall 2011

Course-level Assessment of Student Learning

What types of assessment are most commonly used in SENG courses? Are they fit for purpose? What other assessment methods are available and how best to adopt them? To what extent can we engage students in self and peer assessment?

Assessment of Capstone Experiences

Final-year Projects (FYP) provide an opportunity for students to integrate and demonstrate their learning. What intended learning outcomes are currently specified for FYPs in SENG? What assessment strategies are being used and how effective are they? What are the areas for improvement?

Program-level Assessment of Student Learning

Are we ready for the introduction of outcome-based accreditation by HKIE in 2012? What can be done to demonstrate that our students indeed learn what we expect them to learn? What are the international good practices in program-level assessment of student learning and what can we learn from them?

Conversations from Spring 2011

Outcome-based Education

How ready are we in adopting an outcome-based approach in the delivery of the 4-year curriculum? What support to faculty is needed? Do we know how to assess student learning at the course and program levels? In what ways will HKIE's adoption of an outcome-based accreditation model affect us?

Designing Effective Learning Experiences

How can we take advantage of the latest findings in learning sciences to design meaningful learning experiences for our students? What innovative pedagogical approaches can we bring to our courses and how will we know that they are effective? What is unique about engineering learning?

Academic Advising for Student Development

School-based admission will be implemented in full in 2010. What is the best mechanism to provide support, in particular academic advising, to this group of students? What does academic advising really involve? What will the role of individual departments be, both in the first year and thereafter?

Collaborative Learning

SENG is going to offer "grand challenges" courses, among many other general education courses, that engage students in a collaborative learning environment. What is collaborative learning and why is it effective? What should an instructor be aware of in adopting this pedagogy?

What faculty participants thought of the conversations

"I especially enjoy experience sharing among faculty."
"I can learn from the experience of colleagues and exchange idea."
"It enables me to connect with other faculty members."