Peer Mentoring Program

E2I Peer Mentoring Program

E2I introduced a peer mentoring program (PMP) to provide support and advice to students admitted under the School-based Admission (SBA) Scheme. Our Center aspires to build a forward-looking and dynamic model of innovative learning experiences for engineering students that are student-centered and outcome-based. Under the umbrella of PMP, holistic student development workshops and on-going assessment support through research and evaluation studies will go hand in hand to ascertain how students' learning experiences influence their development of generic attributes and enhancement of social adjustment skills.

Peer mentors are upper-year engineering students who volunteer their time to help the SENG first-year students. The PMP is a primary support of the SENG’s “clans” concept which was introduced to help facilitate a positive transition to HKUST. Both mentors and mentees have said the skills and opportunities gained from participation in the PMP have led to a transformative experience.

Become a mentor

Who is eligible?

  • Any engineering student who has completed first-year and genuinely cares about helping Year-1 students

What am I expected to do?

  • Provide support, motivation, and information (e.g. life at HKUST, referrals to campus resources)
  • Participate in PMP and “clan” activities with an enthusiastic and respectful manner
  • Meet with mentees regularly, especially at critical times during the Fall(Spring?) semester
  • Contribute to the SENG community as a positive role model

What will I gain?

  • Positive attitude including patience, empathy, and flexibility towards others
  • Greater involvement in university life
  • Networking skills and opportunities
  • Opportunities to practice public speaking, teamwork, and leadership skills

Click here for the application to become a peer mentor

Become a mentee

Who is eligible?

  • All Year-1 engineering students

What am I expected to do?

  • Take initiative to connect to your mentor
  • Be responsible for your learning
  • Be engaged and actively listen during your mentoring meetings
  • Respect your mentor's time and effort

What will I gain?

  • Experience in networking with the HKUST and SENG community (e.g. peers, staff, and faculty)
  • Supportive community and encouragement for a positive transition to university life
  • Insight and advice on university studies from an upper-year “who’s been there”
  • Interpersonal skills from interaction with peers at social events

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