Peer Mentoring Program

Upcoming PMP Events and Activities

Tentative Date Events
March 2014 Peer Mentors Recruitment and Interviews
April 2014 1st Training Workshop (Official Welcome; Roles & Responsibility)
May 2014 2nd Training Workshop (2-day overnight camp; Leadership and Teamwork)
June 2014 Submission of Year Plans and T-shirt Designs
July 2014 Submission of Poster Designs
Mental Health First Aid training (instructed by SAO)
August 2014 Registration Day Rundown
“Train-the-Trainer” workshop (instructed by external trainers)
12, 14  Aug 2014 SENG Welcome & Induction
27 Aug 2014 SENG Team Building Camp
September 2014 Clan reunion
October 2014 to February 2015 Clan-based activities (e.g. gatherings, study groups, etc.)

Past PMP Events and Activities