Undergraduate Student Resources

Academic Terms

The academic year consists of four terms: fall, winter, spring, and summer. The fall and spring terms are regular terms when most of the formal instruction occurs. Each regular term has 13 weeks of classes. The summer and winter terms are shorter, and can include shorter courses, workshops, lecture series, conferences, and other research opportunities.

For further information about academic terms please visit HKUST’s Undergraduate Student Guide.

A pdf of the 2014-15 academic calendar can be found here.

Undergraduate Programs

There is a wide spectrum of engineering and interdisciplinary programs available to engineering undergraduates. Please visit the individual department/office websites for more information about the programs they offer.

Degree Requirements

Image courtesy of Prof. Roger Cheng
Image courtesy of SENG

Students in the 4-year program must complete a minimum of 120 credits in order to graduate. On average students take around 30 credits per year (or 15 credits per semester). These courses typically fall into either the university common core requirements or the major course requirements.

Course descriptions and a listing of common core courses can be found from HKUST’s Program and Course Catalogue and Common Core Program websites.

The major course requirements include engineering fundamental courses such as basic science and mathematics, computing, and English; engineering introduction courses which are foundation courses for various program majors; and program specialty courses. Details about individual programs requirements can be found from HKUST’s Program Catalog.