Undergraduate Student Resources


  1. Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students (Penn State University, 2010)
    - A comprehensive guide complied by Penn State on assessing the audience and selecting appropriate document formats, as well as guidelines for writing formal reports, proposals, scientific posters, journal articles, theses and dissertations.

  2. Writing in Engineering (Purdue University)
    - PowerPoint presentations and videos on writing and formatting engineering reports.

  3. Writing in Engineering (Colorado State University)
    - Detailed guides on communicating conventions in engineering and writing technical reports and project notebooks.


  1. Effective Presentations in Engineering and Science (Penn State University)
    - An in depth site providing guidelines and video examples on the structure, delivery, and use of visual aids for presentations

  2. Oral Communication (University of Toronto)
    - Principles and strategies for planning, designing visuals, and presenting engineering talks.

Researching on the web

  1. Evaluating web pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask (UC Berkeley)
    - Techniques to apply when evaluating the reliability and authenticity of information from internet sources.

  2. Evaluating web resources (University of Calgary)
    - Strategies for defining your research topic and criteria for evaluating web resources used in engineering research